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The Richter Scales are a bevy of gentlemen songsters, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. They perform selections from a wide variety of genres, including American standards, Broadway, Motown, and contemporary music.

Formed originally as a band of semi-organized scavengers in the wreckage of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the “Richter Scabs” (as they were then known) didn’t actually “sing a cappella” until the Fall of 2000. The intervening period, known as “The Lost Years” by current group members, was filled with raucous enterprises involving menial labor and incarceration. Most of those “tall tales” are, unfortunately, wholly inappropriate for these pages.

Today, the re-named “Richter Scales” boast a much improved pedigree (though their behavior is another matter). Hailing from all parts of the nation, they have gathered together for a common musical purpose. Ask, and they’ll tell you what they are: Men who sing.