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Here Comes Another Bubble (V1.0 & 1.1)

Performed by The Richter Scales

Music based on "We Didn’t Start the Fire," (Amazon, iTunes) by Billy Joel
Lyrics, arrangement, and video by Matt Hempey
Sound engineering by Bill Hare & Charlie Forkish
Recorded by Jason Hunter & Charlie Forkish

Peter Thiel Interview

Kara Swisher, AllThingsD, interview with Peter Thiel

Web 2.0 company list

From "Logo 2." by Stabilo Boss

MIT degree

Created by Matt Hempey based on found image of an MIT diploma

MIT -> Palo Alto

Created by Matt Hempey using Google Earth

Field of lettuce

Unable to locate original source

WebVan truck

Design credit: Matt Hempey

WebVan stock chart

Unable to locate original source

$1 bill and $100 bill

Pictures of US currency are considered public domain

Pink slip

New York Times photo credit: Chip Kidd

In-N-Out/Krispy Kreme

Found on 2 Tasty Ladies blog

Larry page

Courtesy of Google, Inc.

Sergey Brin

Courtesy of Google, Inc.

BusinessWeek – Digg

BusinessWeek Magazine

Fortune – MySpace

Fortune Magazine

Newsweek – Facebook

Newsweek Magazine

Time – You

Time Magazine


Found on tech.blorge.com, no picture credit given

Friendship bracelets

Courtesy of Wikimedia user: Ra’ike


Created by The Richter Scales


East Coast Pizza, 13340 Lincoln Road, Riverview FL


Beer advocate, "Something Black This Way Comes"

Pie chart

Created by The Richter Scales

Telephone icon

Unable to locate original source

Internal Server Error

Unable to locate original source

Michael Moritz (Venture Capitalist #1)

Unable to locate photographer credit. Link here.

John Doerr (Venture Capitalist #2)

UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business

Michael Arrington

From Business 2.0, photo by Ramona Rosales

John Battelle

Photo found on AgencySpy.com, no photo credit given

Steve Jobs/Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs)


Om Malik

Photo found on FederatedMedia.net, photo by Thomas Hawk

Kara Swisher (shown only in Version 1.1)

Photo found on Kara Swisher’s All Things Digital bio, photo by Adam Tow

Owen Thomas (shown only in Version 1.0)

Photographer: Lane Hartwell, photo appears in
Wired News

Robert Scoble

Photographer: J.D. Lasica


YouTube video: "Justin.tv Gets Laid"

Baby Blogger

Video by Lauren Puryear (wife of Matt Hempey)

Robert Scoble at the whiteboard

Video credit: Robert Scoble ("Part 1 of Social Graph Based Search")

TechCrunch blog

Design by Matt Hempey, based on Techcrunch blog

Valleywag blog

Design by Matt Hempey, based on Valleywag blog

Launch party

Video by Matt Hempey, acting by Nicky Ise and members of The Richter Scales

Blue shirts/khaki pants lineup

Photos by Jeremiah Owyang & Brian Solis, posted on Stylediary

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Courtesy of Facebook

Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo

Courtesy of Facebook

Facebook VP Dustin Moskovitz

Courtesy of Facebook

Product Manager

Created by The Richter Scales

Facebook mini-feed

Design by Matt Hempey based on Facebook website

Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew

Small house

Unable to locate photo credit

Bigger houses

Photos from Realtor.com, no photo credit given

Bride and groom

Photo from AllStarChauffeurs.com, no photo credit given

Stacks of cash

Photo from Southern Gourmet Coffee, Inc, no photo credit given

Money cake


Private yacht

Photo by Boat International / Roger Lean-Vercoe

Party jet

FreakingNews photo credited to user account dhull

Rocket trip

Created by Matt Hempey using Google Earth


Public domain image from NASA found at Wikipedia Commons

Series of TUBES

Unable to locate design credit

Firefox crop circle

Found on Oregon State University website, no photo credit given

Twitter LOLcat

Twitter.com error page

MySpace T-Shirt

Found on BL Ochman’s What’s Next Blog, no photo credit given

Scoble iPhone

Photo by Maria Avila, San Jose Mercury News


Found on Ikbis.com, uploaded by user Nizar

Google is the New #1

Fortune Magazine

"God is a fan of JakobAndJulia.com"

Valleywag, no photo credit given

"Obama Girl"

YouTube video: "I Got A Crush… On Obama"

"Dramatic Chipmunk"

YouTube video: "Dramatic Chipmunk"

"Miss South Carolina"

YouTube video: "Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina…"

"Leave Britney Alone"

YouTube video: "Leave Britney Alone"