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Do you want The Richter Scales to perform at your event? We’re available for public or private functions anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Booking Contacts:

Mark Casey: (415) 225-6741

Loren Cheng: (415) 710-9501

We require no special equipment or set-up — just clear a space for about a dozen guys, and we’re good to go! Want more proof? Here are some nice things that clients have said about us in the past:

Everyone — ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE — loved the Richter Scales. I can’t tell you how many people came up to me later, called on Sunday and wrote on Monday about how great the singing was and how perfect it was for the holidays. Thank you so much for being there and for making the party a special event. We’re going to do this again next year!

– Mary Lou (private party)

I just wanted to tell you again that your singing group is wonderful. What fun — you guys were great and everyone thought so. I’m so glad this group was able to hear you.

– Karen (private party)

A HUGE thank you for coming to our party and performing… Everybody was raving about you guys! You sounded great! Everybody was really impressed.

– Maggie (private party)