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Richter Scales at the Harmony Sweeps

Looking for date night ideas for Saturday, March 9th?

Why not have a ice dinner in the Marina and then head over to the Palace of Fine Arts to hear the Scales and 8 other groups compete for prizes and glory (but no cash) at the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes.

Each group gets 10 minutes to sing before being gunned down by the judges, so there’s no chance this will turn into an interminable multi-group show – it moves along pretty nicely, in fact.

The Richter Scales are in contention for a number of prizes they don’t actually award. Our sources inform us that we’re already a lock for “largest group,” as 8 of us will be there (the official maximum for the event). Nate Silver may or may not have picked us as a favorite for “least practiced with microphones.”

You can find more details and info about tickets here

Buy your tickets now as we’ve heard they are selling out.
Saturday 3/9 from 8-10PM. Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina.

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